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    Course Details

    Course# QU15768-1
    Course Desc ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor (CEU 6.0)
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    Course Overview

    ISO 9001:2015 Lead Internal Auditor

    CEU: 6.0

    Prerequisites:  None

    Course Time Period:

    You can take training at your own pace. You can logon and logout as many times as needed. You can re-take the exam as many times as necessary until you pass the exam and an online certificate is issued.

    Course Content: (interpretation, examples, auditing/implementation questions, quiz)      

    Cross Reference Table of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2008


    Lead Auditor Foundations

    Lead Auditor Management

    Lead Auditor Qualifications and Competency

    Key Benefits

    Reference Standards and Guidelines

    Basics of Quality Management Systems



               Implementation of Systems

               Role of Management



             Continual Improvement


    Context of the organization (interpretation, examples, auditing/implementation questions, quiz)

       Understanding the organization and its context

       Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties

       Determining the scope of the quality management system

       Quality management system and its   processes

    Leadership (interpretation, examples, auditing/implementation questions, quiz)

       Leadership and commitment

       Customer focus


    Establishing the Quality Policy

       Communicating the Quality Policy

       Organizational roles, responsibilities and   authorities

    Planning (interpretation, examples, auditing/implementation questions, quiz)

       Actions to address risks and opportunities

       Quality objectives and planning to achieve them

       Planning of changes

    Support (interpretation, examples, auditing/implementation questions, quiz)




       Environment for the operation of processes

       Monitoring and measuring resources

       Measurement traceability

       Organizational knowledge




       Documented information

       Creating and updating

       Control of documented Information

    Operation (interpretation, examples, auditing/implementation questions, quiz)

       Operational planning and control

       Requirements for products and services

       Customer communication

       Determination of requirements for products and services

       Review of the requirements for products and services

       Changes to requirements for products and services

       Design and development of products and services

       Design and development planning

       Design and development inputs

       Design and development controls

       Design and development outputs

       Design and development changes

       Control of externally provided processes, products and services

       Type and extent of control

       Information for external providers

       Production and service provision

       Control of production and service provision

       Identification and traceability

       Property belonging to customers or external providers


       Post-delivery activities

       Control of changes

       Release of products and services

       Control of nonconforming outputs

    Performance evaluation (interpretation, examples, auditing/implementation questions, quiz)

       Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

       Customer satisfaction

       Analysis and evaluation

       Internal audit

       Management review

       Management review input

       Management review output

    Improvement (interpretation, examples, auditing/implementation questions, quiz)

       Nonconformity and corrective action

       Continual Improvement

    Exam (One can take exam as many times needed until one pass the exam and upon passing the exam, certificate will be issued online.)


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    Computer configuration needed for the course:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Make sure all Pop-Up Blockers are disabled
    • For any troubleshooting, refer to Help/Support at:http://www.qualityuniversity.com/commerce/misc/onsite.jsp
    • If screen is blank, exit Internet Explorer and log back in again

    You can logon and logoff as many times as needed until the course is complete. In order to continue a course already in progress after you have logged off:

    • log into Quality University through by clicking the "My Account" link
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    • Select your course. You may take the course and exam at your leisure.

    Please follow instructions below for taking the course:

    • Make sure you create a separate login account for each person taking the course. The name on the account should match the name of the person who is taking the course and whose name will appear on the certificate. Once created the contact name cannot be changed and the course cannot be reassigned to a different name.
    • Click on "My Courses" to see a selection of courses you have purchased that have not yet been completed
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    You may retake the exam as many times as needed until a passing score is achieved. All courses are approved by Quality University and ISO Accelerate Group.

    For additional questions, you may contact us at our Help/Support Link located on the bottom of the Homepage.

    Once you complete the course with a passing score on the exam you will be issued a certificate. Please print this cerificate for your own records. If you need to reprint a certificate for any reason, visit the "My Courses" link and you will have an option to reprint a certificate for any training you have completed.